Don’t You Forget About Me


What about the 80’s made everything seem easier? Was it that you couldn’t hide behind a cell phone to tell someone how you felt?

Nothing is personal anymore. When someone gave you a mixed tape, you knew you were something special, but now, you never know if that message you got on Facebook is genuine, or if it was sent to 10 other people. What happened to grand gestures? Is it enough to get an ‘I love you’ over text?  What happened to buying someone an actual birthday card? A post on someone’s wall covers it? Does it really?

I wasn’t born in the 80’s.

I just watch a ton of movies from then.

They knew how to do it.

I miss sitting down with someone and working out your problems face-to-face. Everyone tells their side of the story and everyone listens. Now, I just get long, angry text messages. There’s no room for expression or explanation.

Everything is disposable.

No one will have a box of love notes hidden in their attic anymore. People have to reread everything on a screen.

There’s no mystery. You can find out anything online, and yet people aren’t personal anymore. We lose something that allows us to connect on a personal level.

All I want is a gesture.  Make me feel like the only one. Make me fall in love. And as time continues, don’t forget about me.


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