I Believe in Coffee


I believe in coffee.

I believe in noticing the change in the breeze that tells me that fall is here.

I believe in laughter.

I believe in staying up until 3 even though you have an 8 am class.

I believe in friendship.

New friendships, too.

I believe in listening to The Killers while reading my fashion textbook.

I believe in The Killers, always.

I believe in Garrett

and Celeste

and Emma

and Cat

and Kailah

and Amanda

and Keegan

and Raine

and Mikaela

and John, Luke, Megan, Alex, Renae, Jordan, Susie, Alice, Stoney.

I believe in connections.

I believe in fate.

I believe that, one day, I will experience fate.

I believe in love.

I believe in knowing I’m the only one for someone.

I believe in travel.

I believe in getting lost.

I believe that I will be okay.

I believe in change.

I believe in having 3 different calendars that are dedicated for 3 different subjects.

I believe in butterflies.


I believe in pinkie promises.

I believe that I need to go to bed.

I believe that I probably won’t.

I believe in really strong coffee.


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