Charming Doors


I have a somewhat obsession with doors. Charming doors, to be more specific. My home back in Colorado has a bright red door–my favorite color for a door–and I’ve always loved coming across brightly colored, intricately carved, or metal detailed doors.











When I went to France a few years ago, I literally took a photo of every charm Parisian door I saw. I’m almost 100% sure I pissed off the rest of the group because I would stop every few feet to snap a photo.


IMG_4042A door can give the first impression. It can be inviting, it can make people want to turn away. Sometimes the doorway is just an allusion! A façade! Have you even noticed a doorway that no one ever opens?  It’s probably a fake door just to cover up the emptiness behind it, or to disguise something that would otherwise be an eyesore.

I love all things charming, inviting and brightly colored.

Next time you see a door that fancies your senses, open it. You never know.


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