My How I Met Your Mother Goodbye


I grew up watching How I Met Your Mother.

I’ve seen every episode 10-15 times and I can quote almost every line. I grew up with Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshall and Lily. I reside with the characters at a probably unhealthy level.

There’s been a lot of controversy over the finale that aired Monday night. Barney and Robin divorce after only 3 years, Barney ends up with a daughter, The Mother dies of a mysterious illness and Ted and Robin-inevitably-end up together. It was a heart wrenching, messy, packed-to-the-steams one-hour episode that a lot of people are upset about. They feel betrayed.

After 9 years of Ted searching for “the one”, she’s only a part of his life for a few years. Barney, disappointingly, retreats to his slutty ways. Robin is never around anymore.

How can faithful viewers be happy with this mess?

But guess what. Life is messy. People die. Marriages fail. If I can take anything from this finale is that life never turns out the way you expect.

Barney meets the love of his life when he holds his baby girl for the first time (I’m sobbing by this point). Ted’s kids give him permission to go after Robin 6 years after the death of his wife.  And the episode ends the same way the show started 9 years ago: Ted is on the street outside of Robin’s apartment holding the blue French horn he stole for her.

I’ve realized why I’m so attached to this show. I want what they gang has. I want a life with friendships that can bear anything. I want to be surrounded by people who accept my flaws and love me anyway. I want a life full of legendary stories that I can tell to others in the future.

The last episode of How I Met Your Mother was heartbreaking and it was real. That’s why I’m not upset. It didn’t end how I wanted it to, but it ended in a way that I can accept.

How I Met Your Mother has been a weirdly large part of my life, so writing my personal goodbye to the show seems like the only way to go.

Farewell to MacLaren’s Pub, the apartment, and the legendary stories. Farewell to the yellow umbrella, the booth, the pineapple (which I still want an explanation for), and the ducky tie. Farewell to Teddy West Side, Sparkles, Barnacle, Marshmallow and Lily pad. Farewell to How I Met Your Mother.


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