For the Love of Writing


Last semester I rediscovered my love of writing. I’ve always had a knack for it and I’ve always enjoyed it, but along the way I lost the passion to share my stories. Last semester, for some unknown reason, the passion reappeared. I started writing again and it felt good. Really good. With this new burst of passion, I decided to direct my studies toward fashion journalism. I love fashion. I love writing. Why shouldn’t I write about fashion? That thought process seemed logical at the time. But when I began my Intro to Journalism course, I wasn’t feeling that passion. I wasn’t feeling much, because, well, I wasn’t even writing. I probably should have done my research, because I was expecting a class full of amazing writing assignments on amazing topics that would fuel my passion even further. But instead, I was reading about writing…and reporting about weather…and interviewing people on the streets. Bleh. I don’t exactly know what I was expecting with an intro class, but my passion for writing wasn’t being fulfilled. I consider my voice to be pretty strong in my writing, but of course, you can’t show your voice in journalism. What was I thinking?

Two months into the semester I dropped journalism as my minor. I was done talking about politics and sports and the gun violence in Chicago. I don’t care if Bubba Watson won the Masters because golf is dumb and boring. I’m tired talking about the polar vortex and the ever-changing temperatures in Chicago. Weather is pretty fickle, get used to it.

I’m not writing nearly as much as I had hoped and I’m not writing about things I care about. My weekly posts on the blog are about the only writings I can muster that still have my own voice and my own stories.

So that leaves me here: minor-less and confused as hell as to what I want to do with my life and my career. Or, you know, a normal Tuesday.

This afternoon I was browsing on the Columbia website looking at the minor options available and I saw something that struck my interest. It’s a minor called “Professional Writing”. This program will build students’ capabilities as writers through complex, specialized writing projects. Professional Writing students gain practical skills in writing for the workplace, experience in writing effectively for and about the arts and new media, and advanced abilities in research, editing, and document design. The Professional Writing curriculum is designed to help students learn to effect change through writing.” 

Well damn. That sounds perfect. And learning to “effect change through writing” would just be a cherry on top. I have no idea how I can incorporate this into my Fashion Business major, but knowing how to write in the working world is pretty important.

Whatever I decide to do, I will never stop writing. I don’t think I can.

So, here’s to being confused about everything, ever. And here’s to never having to talk about stupid golf again. (Except if it’s about my sister, because she’s really good at it and I support her and love her.)




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